A 500m2 multifunctional venue, split across 3 floors – a ground floor, a basement and a mezzanine – that can be used as one or divided into different size spaces. The space is rentable for events, exhibitions, special dinners, shootings and other creative purposes.

The venue takes the form of a brutalist concrete box, where light and texture are the most important values, while the main elements are: concrete, glass and metal.

The feeling of the space depends on one’s position in it. The dark and moody yet powerful feeling of the lower floor contrasts with the natural light and refreshing tone of the upper one. The large rusted iron staircase is a dominant element in the central patio, linking the two upper areas with the lower floor.

The venue also works as a permanent gallery and interiors’ showroom, as it is home to some unique items for sale, from selected designers.

Ground floor (246m2):
dining venue
entrance venue
Mezzanine (34m2):
working space
Basement (220m2):
concrete venue / gallery
3 wc
1 handicap bathroom

Loft Venue
Ground floor
Loft Venue
Loft Venue
Dining venue (ground floor)
Entering the dining venue from the rusted metal spiral staircase (ground floor)
Dining venue, overlooking outdoors (ground floor)
Spiral concrete staircase, which leads to mezzanine - a semi private working space (ground floor)
Entrance venue (ground floor)
Mezzanine (ground floor)
Patio (basement)
Concrete venue - gallery (basement)
Patio (basement)
Patio (basement)
Concrete venue - gallery (basement)
Rusted metal staircase (basement)
Kitchen (basement)
Gallery (basement)